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Daylight Contract was established in 2011 as part of the Daylight Design Group to implement comprehensive design projects and supply all finishing materials, lighting, furniture, fabrics and accessories for private clients, corporate and government agencies.


Eugene Gutman, founder


Grigory Karavaev, co-founder and CEO

Daylight Contract is able to provide services for the completion of hotels of any category, offices, retail space, private homes and apartments. Here you will find a strong and reliable partner. We have all the necessary resources to implement projects of any complexity - from creating an individual project to commissioning. To achieve these goals, we work with leading European and Ukrainian designers and architects, as well as the world's best contract factories.

By providing a full range of services, we take full responsibility for your work, saving you time and money. Our specialists conduct a detailed functional analysis, as a result of which you can make informed complex decisions.



  • Object search

  • Development of the financial model of the project

  • Project management and design  

  • Delivery of materials and interior items

  • Commissioning of the facility


Product groups-

  • Tile, granite, natural stone, marble, quartz

  • Parquet floor, multilayer parquet board

  • Carpeting, carpets

  • Paints, Decorative plaster moldings, Eaves

  • Wall-paper is vinyl, wall-paper on a woven basis, wall-paper on a textile basis, wall-paper fire-processed

  • Lighting equipment, Technical lighting, Decorative lighting

  • Electrical accessories (sockets, switches)

  • Custom furniture, Cabinet furniture, Upholstered furniture, Street furniture

  • Interior doors, fire doors

  • Mattresses and beds

  • Plumbing, Plumbing

  • Bathroom accessories

  • Acoustic equipment for residential and non-residential premises

  • Textiles for interior, Curtains, Bed linen, Blankets, Refractory textiles

  • Hotel safes and minibars

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